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Review – 47 Ronin

Luckily [47 Ronin] doesn’t fall at every hurdle. The set pieces and period costumes are absolutely gorgeous, the cinematography is quietly beautiful, and there is an undercurrent of mysticism to this picture which is both subtle and entrancing.

Review – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Fans should be very happy with this film with how some classic scenes from the novel have been realised by Jackson’s skilful direction, and Bilbo’s encounter with Smaug is sure to be thrilling for the die-hards and casual cinema-goers alike.

Review – Ender’s Game

At its best, Ender’s Game has some gorgeous visuals that are well integrated into the story… outside of that, though, there’s not a lot to recommend this film as a cinematic experience.

Review – Machete Kills

The breasts and violence are toned down to accommodate a more outrageous storyline and new characters that push this sequel closer to comedy than its predecessor.

Review – The Red and the Blue

Whoever said that all high-school dramas ought to be damming, finger-jabbing films with moral outrage and deep-seeded messages? Is it really such a crime to make a simple film that tells a story, without trying to convince everyone to light up some torches, grab a few pitchforks and rage against the machine?

Review – The Human Cargo

There’s a disarming ‘what were we thinking?’ nature to some of that interview footage, crisp and HD as it is against the grainy and immediate, unfiltered news footage of the time. But it is the latter, the incredible archive stuff spun towards us with a wild metal soundtrack at times, that is the real core of this work.