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Review – Run Girl Run

What makes [Run Girl Run] entertaining is that it’s just hilariously funny, at every level. The script is conversational and witty, the performances are wonderfully comedic, and the premise is delightfully absurd.

Review – The Magnets: All This Time

All in all, this was a wonderful show with beautifully sung melodies. If you’re looking for an hour of family friendly entertainment with no musical instruments, no foul language and definitely no male nudity, then The Magnets is a group not to miss this year.

Review – Comic Strip

Open your tattered, dog-eared Fringe guide and you’ll see there is far more comedy in the Festival than anything else… But we must all remember that we can have a bit of slap with our tickle, and tickling our funny bone is as good a reason as any to also catch some high quality burlesque.

Review – Greg Fleet: The Games Master

There is a reason Fleet is an icon of comedy in Australia. He’s simply very funny and, perhaps more to the point, a good entertainer, ironically using his own negativity to create an upwards vibe. If you want to see a show that’s “like Hamlet, but different” (his own words) then Greg Fleet is the comic for you.

Review – Loren Kate

Then Kate began to share her story… What was moving was not just the songs but hearing of the love, joy, heartache and pain behind each song that made it all the more special.