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10 Quick Qs – #FirstWorldWhiteGirls

Why would someone not come see your show? Because they have that illness where your bones are like glass – like Samuel L. Jackson in ‘Unbreakable’. I mean, it’s an amazing show and I want you to see it, but I don’t want you to fracture a hip or something on the way to the theatre.

Review – True Story.

True Story is a completely original cabaret piece based on strange but true tales collected from all round the world. From a vengeful dentist to a kid that dreams of mythical creatures, Ruth Wilkin compiles these wacky and wonderful stories into delightful cabaret ditties.

Review – Bel Canto Bowie

Pasqualina and Maria Maria are two Roman Catholic Italian choir girls who develop a devotion to Bowie that soon overtakes their devotion to God. Something about this analogy of Bowie as a literal lord and saviour will hold a strong appeal for anyone who has at some point in their lives experienced a Bowie fixation.