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Review – Impact

[Davies’s] strong, expressive voice, hollow eyes, sad face and bravado are testament to his acting ability, but why oh why he chose to bring his script on stage in a one man show is unfathomable – just wing it!

Review – Summer of Blood

I wasn’t sure if they were aiming for satire or simple comedy, but they provided no insights into the tropes they used, which is essential for satire, and the funny parts mostly stopped before we got to the halfway point.

Review – Rom Com Con

Finding themselves despairingly single, British comedians Lizzy Mace and Juliette Burton sought to investigate this very premise by undertaking the ultimate social experiment, and road testing some of the most common rom-com tropes in real life.

Review – This Old Man

At first squizz, you could be forgiven for thinking this was a comedy. While three old tipsy sheilas do provide comic relief between the tears of a family tearing itself apart, this is very much a deadset drama that cuts right through the crap.