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Review – We Should Quit

The show is redeemed in its acrobatics and balancing performances. McDonald’s rope routine is jaw-dropping, and the lack of lycra or sequins in favour of jeans and a business shirt reminds us that these extraordinary feats are also so very human.

Review – Rob Pue: A Pant Load

When a joke ten minutes in got an ‘ooh’ and then a hush, [Rob Pue] warned the crowd to buckle up, relishing at having made them uncomfortable. What he failed to understand was that the silence was not due to subject itself, but the fact that the joke just wasn’t very good.

Review – Elixir

The duo adopt the personas of two scientists/test subjects, held captive in a laboratory for the purposes of ascertaining how effective a variety of elixirs are in improving their physical attributes. This is a perfect narrative structure, given the impressive array of acrobatic feats that the artists perform throughout the hour long show.