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Womad – The Bird

Womad – The Bird

Billed as “organic electronica”, The Bird used drums and keyboard to create everything from dubstep to commodore 64 soundscapes. Simon Durrington was excellent on the keyboard, but it was drummer Ben Walsh who really...

Sundog [UK]

Perhaps not meaty enough to be described as food for the soul, the classical minimalism of Arthur Jeffes’ Sun Dog project is nourishing nonetheless. Violinist Oli Langford soars to magnificent crescendos to a hypnotic rhythm of piano and light drumming, and all is well with the world.

The Pigram Brothers [Australia]

Delivering hoarsly whispered odes to the great sunburnt land, the Pigram brothers pull off nice enough indigenous flavoured country tunes, but unfortunately seem to go on and on with little variation, much like the outback itself.

Picture Box Orchestra [Australia]

Picture Box Orchestra [Australia]

An interesting experiment in blending classical western and indian musical styles and instruments, Picture Box Orchestra’s Friday night slot was unfortunately ruined by two things unrelated to the music itself.

The Bearded Gypsy Band [Australia]

Do you like dancing? Do you like sitting? Do you like standing arms folded nodding your head? Do you like Tom? Can you do the twist? We found that people who said yes to any of these things often have a great time!

Nano Stern [Chile]

A superstar in his home country, Nano performed to over 180,000 protestors whilst his new single La Puta Esperanza became the theme for their dissent.

Mahala Rai Banda [Romania],

The group combine the racous energy of a gypsy campfire party with funk, soul and Middle-eastern influences. Music best enjoyed on your feet with dancing shoes strapped on tight.

The Bombay Royale [Australia]

The Bombay Royale [Australia]

A compelling reason to come see your gig?
You will have never seen anything like it before. It’s a complete aural and visual experience, that is just too much fun to pass up.