Review – Rob Pue: A Pant Load

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6 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    In canada this kid is very funny – not surprising that you Aussies don’t get him. This kid has traveled half way across the world to give this Fringe a shot and you fucking write something like this. You obviously don’t understand comedy you stuff shirt. Remeber you shits are decendents of dumb ass criminals and it appears that you haven’t come far from that era. Way to go asshole…

    • Simmi C says:

      I once read that a lot could be said about a society from the culture it produces. I wonder what it says about Canada that they enjoy offensive humour that makes fun of deaf kids and the transgendered. Not to mention it’s incredibly lazy to poke fun at someone for their differences; that’s why it’s so popular amongst dumb kids.
      But I guess a bunch of convicts wouldn’t understand humour- oh wait, Adelaide is the one Australian city founded by legal immigration and aristocrats? Never mind then.

      • Pantload says:

        It’s okay everybody,
        My feelings aren’t hurt and this article does not change the way I view my comedy. Everybody has their own opinion and everyone but the deaf could tell you that laughter was heard… critic not included. I get it, some of my jokes are insensitive and not at all subtle but I did not realize that being polite was requisite to doing comedy. Honestly I’m happy you came out anyway even if you weren’t. I find your view of comedy to be parochial and overly sensitive. This is not the first negative criticism I’ve heard my friend and most certainly will not be the last, and I know it’s not your job to understand the art form as much as judge it from a tented wooden seat. So no hard feelings.
        I would like to say though that this article quotes me incorrectly twice and quite misses the point on some of my jokes. For comedy that is so “base” I am surprised that one has clearly failed to understand it.
        All of that being said, I truly hope you enjoy the rest of the fringe, and whatever that entails.
        Thank you for coming out, I appreciate your support.

        Rob Pue

    • Jim says:

      Just because “this kid has traveled half way across the world” doesn’t mean anything about the quality of his performance. If he wasn’t funny, then he wasn’t funny.
      Also I’d just like to clear up that not all Canadians are like this commenter. I’m also Canadian, and I doubt I’d enjoy this show’s content, but everyone has different tastes. It simply sounds like Pue missed the mark.

  2. Athena says:

    Well, this is stand up comedy!
    Rob Pue we loved you! Also loved the chat we had tonight! Have a safe trip back!
    The Greek Guys !

    P.S. everyone else was laughing too 🙂

  3. Ann says:

    I completely agree… Im Canadian and saw him at Rifflandia.. hands down the worst comedy I have ever seen. He went last and elicited no laughs. The comedians before him all had the audience going but his material was offensive and just poking fun at already marginalized groups. It ended up with him cussing a girl in the audience out and calling her an ugly cu**. He got hammered and stayed on stage for an extra half hour just swearing and screaming.

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