The Ian Bagg Show

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  1. Comedy flop says:

    I saw Ian Bagg at the Spiegle Tent Docklands Melbourne last night. What a dick!!! He strung out his act for about 45 min longer than necessary just so he could have a face off with an 80 yr old guy who didn’t like his act. Aren’t professional comedians meant to put those guys in thier place with one quick “back at you” and move on. Not carry on a one way conversation and bore the rest of the audience to the point where people were leaving. He ruined a rather good gig. What happened to ‘leave them wanting more’.
    I also don’t get how a comedian thinks its ok for abusing an audience for not laughing. This was so bizare because lots of people were laughing, maybe he’d lost his hearing on the flight over that day. The number of times he said we were a bunch of uptight nuns (and no it wasn’t that polite) was just annoying and not necessary. If that’s how you warm up a crowd in Canada, good luck to you.
    Rest of the show was great. Bev was a laugh. At least she knew how to use swearing and dirty jokes to her advantage.

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