Review – Daisy Bates: Tales of Kabbarli

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2 Responses

  1. southern soul says:

    this show has a simplicity and purity to it – it relies on verbal poetry and a solitary voice – a primeval moment of theatre recurring in a near modern voice echoing and mediating indigenous humanity. it is more seminal than historical, experimental than conventional. the show and video seem to echo each other – i loved the screen in front of the vacated bates campsite. symbolic.

  2. Margaret Messenger says:

    I think I would have loved it if I could have heard Robina. I struggled with the monologue and I was only in the second row. The people surrounding me said the same. I think a microphone attached to Robina would have made the show so much more enjoyable. It is no shame to be amplified especially if it improved the audience enjoyment.

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