Review – Winter is Coming

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  1. Fiona says:

    I am not sure what day this unnamed reviewer attended Winter Is Coming but I was there for the sold out opening night and while an important – if entirely transparent – role of any audience is “simply watching” the performance, this crowd spent fifty minutes in peels of laughter and spontaneous applause. It seems that the main premise of the show – a playful poke at those who have jumped on the Game Of Thrones bandwagon without really watching the series – has been missed by this reviewer who has failed to pick up on the entirely self-deprecating, satirical performances of the cast. A shame, because there in lay the show’s clever humour and witty song adaptations.

    While I wouldn’t do readers the injustice of ruining the unexpected jokes and plot twists of this incredibly entertaining show, I would assure them that I left the venue with a face sore from laughing and a resolve to send friends – some Game of Thrones fans, others who would more aptly fit into the category the show teases. Either way, Winter Is Coming is a fringe show not to be missed.

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